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Posted October 7, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

            Have you participated in a V.A.C. event yet? If not, opportunities to volunteer will be coming up. Local 718 recently participated in a beach cleanup supporting the Surf Riders foundation at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Before this year is out there will be literature drops and precinct walks to support labor friendly candidates as well as seasonal community events. Check out the calendar found in the “Get Involved” tab on this website.

Our local union continues to hold meetings in person at 1939 Market street. Union meetings are the best place to network and learn more about what we can all do to better our work opportunity. As you may know the work outlook has been lacking. Although there are projects coming down the pipeline like the Parcel F, 60 story tower project near the Transbay Center and the neighboring 40 story Block 4 project, they have not broken ground yet. The San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council is in process of finalizing a Project Labor Agreement for Parcel F and will be negotiating one for the Block 4 project as well. This will secure the projects for all union work. As I am an officer of the B.C.T.C. we have a front row seat in these negotiations with developers and therefore have a voice in the end result of these agreements.

            As I navigate this website I continue to discover more information at my fingertips. For example, the “interactive wage schedule”. This a great place to learn more about where our nickels and dimes go to fight for worker protection, training and growing market share. Click here or go to “How We Work” and scroll down to “Paying Your Dues Impacts More Than You Think” there you will find a clickable tab labeled “View Wage Schedule”. While in this schedule drag your mouse cursor over the names of the different funds such as “Pension” or “LMCI” or if you are on a smart phone or tablet touch these same names and an information balloon will appear.

            To wrap up this report I want to encourage every member and their family to vote in the upcoming political season that will be happening next year.  If we elect political candidates that understand labor, or who are union members, to positions that can protect and grow our ability to organize and better the working class we can consider ourselves in the fight for working people.

Bart Pantoja and Kerstin McConihe LU 83 Rep. at rally and precinct walk for “No Recall” with Governor Gavin Newsom.


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