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  • Employment Development
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  • Home Mortgage Program
  • Legal Assistance
  • Retirement Planning

Tim Fike

LU 567 Floor Coverer - Contract Flooring and Interior Services
Learning a skilled trade has been a life changing event for me.  I went from being an apprentice, to becoming a Journeyman,  to teaching apprentices,  to becoming the Superintendent at Contract Flooring & Interior Services. My career in floorcovering will allow me to retire comfortably and spend time with my children.

Paul Otis

LU 1512 Floor Coverer - Freemans Carpet Service
Being a Trades Professional is about being involved. I am a Delegate to the District Council, have completed Organizers and Business Representative Boot Camps. I also attend all Local Union meetings and help share my knowledge for  future betterment of the Union.

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Whether you are an apprentice just starting out or an established journeyworker, staying at the top of your game is important. The STAR program allows you to learn from tradeworkers just like you, who have walked in your shoes. STAR offers incentive-based programs that will help you acquire the skill sets, training and tools that you need to perform at the highest level.

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