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Rafael Corona

Painter LU 507 - C and O Painting Inc.
I started my career as a Painter 20 years ago. I began as an apprentice working my way up to a journeyman and shortly after promoted to a foreman. The Union takes care of me with great wages, benefits and retirement. Because of my dedication and hard work within my trade, I was able to buy a home in Jalisco Mexico where my family and I often vacation.

Jesus Beltran

LU 159 Painter - PCI
I have been a Union member for 18 years working for PCI.  I moved my way up to become a Foreman to run work for many different crews. I would say I am most proud of my performance on the Switch job which I was recognized for exceeding the owners expectations. I  work hard to not only get ahead in my career, but to financially support and provide good health benefits for my wife and children. When I am not working I love to spend time with my family.    

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Whether you are an apprentice just starting out or an established journeyworker, staying at the top of your game is important. The STAR program allows you to learn from tradeworkers just like you, who have walked in your shoes. STAR offers incentive-based programs that will help you acquire the skill sets, training and tools that you need to perform at the highest level.

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