Nominations, Elections, and Allocations!

Posted May 11, 2022

Brothers and Sisters,

At our most recent Regular Union Meeting on May 3rd, 2022, we held nominations for BM/ST of DC16, Business Representative’s for Local 294 and Local 272 Executive Board, Trustee’s and Delegates to DC16 for Local 294. The nomination results are as follows:

  1. BM/ST: Robert Williams III
  2. Bus Rep Local 272: Jose Rivera

Local 294

  1. Bus Rep: Jeffery B Roberts Painter
  2. President: Juan Rosales Industrial Painter
  3. Vice President: Norman Heath Drywall Finisher
  4. Financial Secretary: Ray Valdez Glazier
  5. Recording Secretary: Felix Martinez Painter
  6. Treasure: Juan Flores Sr Painter
  7. Warden: Gustavo Garcia Painter
  8. Trustee: Ralph Ornelas Glazier
  9. Trustee: Brandon Valdez Glazier
  10. Trustee: James Reed Industrial Painter
  11. DC16 Delegate: Jeffery B Roberts Automatic Delegate per Bylaws
  12. DC16 Delegate: Frank Salinas Glazier
  13. DC16 Delegate: Juan Flores Sr Painter

All nominees of Local 294 were nominated without opposition and accepted the Nomination under a white ballot. I want to thank the members of Local 294 for the nomination and I am humbled and proud to continue to serve this District Council and Local as your Business Representative and Regional Director. I also want to congratulate the Local Union Executive Board for their willingness to be in service to their Local Union and look forward to working with them during this next term. I would also like to thank outgoing Recording Secretary Adam Olivo for his many years of service to the Local Union. While Adam is still an active member and Journeyman Glazier, he felt that it was time to slow down a little bit. He and his wife Neida have and will continue to be a great asset to this Local Union and we look forward to seeing them at Local Union events. Thanks Again. Also, a strong word of thanks to Carlos Franco for his past service as Trustee. Carlos has resigned from the Union to pursue other Opportunities.

With that being said, we will be having an election as DC16 Members throughout the Council will be voting on June 11th, 2022 for various Business Representative Positions within the Council. The vote will be an all-day event. If you are a Glazier or a Painter, we will also be conducting your Wage Allocation vote the same day.

Please be sure to show up and vote!!!!!!


Flooring Master Agreement Vote!

District Council 16 Northern California Floor Coverers Master Agreement ratification vote will be held on 5/26/2022 from 6am to 5pm. Management has approved their last best and final proposal of a 1 year contract with a $4.00 per hour increase. Please see below for contract and voting locations. District Council 16 Leadership recommends this proposal.

May 24, 2022

Work Outlook!

Greetings Sisters and Brothers, We are starting to get into the summer months and work should be picking up. We have had many projects that had delays, reasons including material shortage, project delays and inspection delays. I am happy to announce that other business reps and I have been attending many pre-jobs and PLA meetings […]

May 23, 2022