Why should I Vote??????

Posted February 9, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this article finds you and yours doing well and anticipating a 49er Super Bowl beat down of the Kansas City Chiefs. GO NINERS!

As some of you have noticed, this is a Presidential Election year and local elections. You might be asking why I should vote, my vote doesn’t matter. As a union member we all need to vote for representation. By voting union members have the opportunity to elect leaders who will represent their interests within the union. These leaders negotiate contracts, advocate for better wages and working conditions, and make decisions that directly affect union members’ lives. Elected officials often have the power to pass policies that impact workers’ rights, labor laws, and social welfare programs. By voting for candidates who support labor-friendly policies, union members can help shape the legal and regulatory environment in which they work.

Voting allows union members to support candidates who work hard protecting workers’ rights, such as the right to organize, bargain collectively, and maintain safe working conditions. Through the electoral process, union members can advocate for laws and policies that protect these basic rights. Voting is a way for union members to collectively use their voice and influence. By participating in elections, union members demonstrate solidarity and unity, sending a powerful message about the importance of workers’ rights and the strength of organized labor. Voting provides union members with the opportunity to hold elected leaders accountable for their actions and decisions. If union leaders fail to effectively represent their interests or fulfill their responsibilities, members can vote for new leadership in subsequent elections. Voting in elections gives power to union members to actively engage in the democratic process, advocate for their interests, and shape the future of their workplaces and communities and it helps us put food on our table. 


Randy Rojas

Business Representative

DC16/LU 1237



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June 04, 2024