What good is a constitution?

Posted May 3, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this article finds you ready for summer and hopefully a vacation. The month of May is known for Memorial Day, and it is also a 4-day weekend. We will have a DDO on May 24th, and the Memorial Day holiday is May 27th. I also wanted to remind you that on Wednesday May 8th there will be a watch party for the IUPAT/DC16 Town hall with IUPAT General President Jimmy Williams and DC16 BM/ST Robert Williams III, live form the union hall in Henderson Nevada. We will be having a watch party here at the local union hall with food and beverages. We will be ready to feed people by 4 pm and the Twon Hall will start promptly at 5 pm. This event is a VAC event and open to all. After the town hall meeting is over, we will have another VAC event at the Elk Grove City Hall. We will be speaking in favor of the new Elk Grove Zoo as it will be built on a PLA. I wanted to remind you that we will be voting for 2 Delegates to the IUPAT General Convention at the May 7th Membership Meeting. I wanted to speak a little about what a union constitution does for the members. 

An international union constitution serves as a foundational document that outlines the principles, rules, and governance structure for an international labor organization. Let’s explore some of the benefits of having such a constitution. A constitution defines the structure of the union, including its leadership positions, decision-making processes, and responsibilities. It establishes clear roles for officers, committees, and members, ensuring efficient operation. Unions negotiate on behalf of workers to secure better wages, working conditions, and benefits. An international union constitution provides a framework for collective bargaining, enabling unions to advocate effectively for their members across borders. Constitutions often include provisions safeguarding workers’ rights, such as the right to organize, strike, and participate in union activities. 

By adhering to these principles, unions protect workers from exploitation and unfair treatment. A constitution fosters unity among union members by emphasizing shared goals and values. It encourages solidarity across different regions and industries, promoting collaboration and mutual support. Constitutions outline procedures for electing leaders, amending rules, and making important decisions. Democratic processes ensure that members have a voice in shaping union policies. Many countries require unions to have a constitution for legal recognition. A well-structured constitution helps unions comply with legal requirements and maintain legitimacy. 

Constitutions establish accountability mechanisms, such as regular elections and financial reporting. Transparency ensures that members know how union resources are used and who represents their interests. Remember that each union’s constitution may vary based on its specific goals, membership, and historical context. Overall, a strong international union constitution contributes to the well-being of workers and the advancement of labor rights worldwide.


Randy Rojas


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