Posted June 2, 2022

Local 1621 Glaziers,

The Joint Eboard met on May 17th to discuss the options that will be presented for the Glaziers upcoming January 1st, 2023 raise. It is very important that you show up on June 11th from 7am to 3pm to vote to adopt the IUPAT Pension Rehab Alternate Schedules. It is the Joint Eboard recommendation to vote for Alternate 2 Schedule See Attached. Alternate 2 IUPAT Pension Schedule would keep in place the Benefit Payable as early as age 55 after completing of the 18,000 Benefit Hours. Also keeps the Special Early Retirement Age of 60 and 54,000 hours. Also the Alternate 2 provides for a more favorable Benefit accrual rate each year known as the VBAR of up to 1.5 percent and no more possibility of a zero accrual rate year.  This Alternate Schedule affects over 200 Local 1621 members in the next 5 to 10 years. So whether your Glazing career started in your 20’s or you are planning to retire in the next 5 to 10 years by getting close to age 55. This vote will affect every single Glazier in some way or another with the higher accrual rate of return each year. We need the membership to show up and vote for this Allocation. Make your voice heard and show up to anyone of the below locations. Thank you



Please be advised that a Wage Allocation Vote is scheduled June 11th from 7:00am – 3:00PM for the purpose of Voting on the proposed Wage allocation vote by the members.

We are allocating our $2.00 per hour increase for January 1, 2023

*Please note: This will be a drive through Vote and you can vote and any one of the below locations just bring your ID and Valid Dues Card. We will be practicing all county Covid guidelines and procedures.

San Francisco – 65 Oak Grove Street

Petaluma – 1130 Industrial Ave STE 7

Sacramento – 7111 Governors Circle

Watsonville –  406 Main Street, back parking lot     

San Jose – 2149 Oakland Rd

San Leandro – 2020 Williams Street



Hello Brothers and Sisters, It was amazing to see Local 767’s retirees at our Retirees Lunch this week. When you sit down withthese retired members the stories just start to flow out. I had the privilege to chat with my first BusinessRepresentative and Admin {Tom Cartwright and Mary Cake). In addition, I got to hang […]

June 04, 2024