More Participation Please!

Posted June 7, 2021

I would like to speak to you about local union participation and you as a member.  I have been a member of Local 1237 for over 26 years and the best advice I received was to be involved in your union. Attend meetings, wage allocations, vote for Executive Board, Business Rep. and Business Manager – Secretary Treasurer.  You also need to vote on contracts and By-laws.  We recently voted on District Council 16 By-laws and only 6 members voted.  When we voted on Local 1237 By-laws in April only 7 members voted, 7 members out of 270 total members.  7 members decided for the whole membership to accept the by-laws.  Proposed copies were sent out to all members and there was a proposed increase of the hourly Member Benefit Fund contribution from 3% to 6% or 12 cents an hour for a journeyman to 24 cents and hour.  The 7 members who voted agreed to it on your behalf. 

Local 1237’s Monthly Membership Meeting has been taking place via Zoom, we have sent invites to all members who have an email address on file.  The turn out has been less than 15 members per meeting.  For the past 6 years members have told me that it is hard to make meetings after work, now you don’t even have to leave your house and attendance is at an all time low.  I can’t run this local without your help and input.  When we were given the ok to do meetings via Zoom, we sent out postcards letting members know and asked that those who wanted to attend meetings please call the office and check what we had on file for your email address.  We didn’t get a single call.   I don’t know how else to get members to participate.  This local doesn’t belong to the Executive Board and myself, but we seem to make all the decisions with very little input from the membership.  We are coming up for contract negotiations this time next year and I really need your input. I would like to thank those of you who do participate and ask that you continue to support and guide your local.

If you have any ideas or care to discuss this with me, please call me (916)407-8279.


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