LU 3 Executive Board

Posted August 3, 2021

I would like to congratulate and welcome Local Union 3’s Executive Board. The following are your Local Union Officers.

President: Emilio Hernandez

Vice President: Emmanuel Altamirano

Recording Secretary: Ajit Rana

Financial Secretary: Carlos Sturla

Treasurer/DC16 Delegate: Saul Gutierrez-Lopez

Trustee: Jesse Rios

Trustee: Luis Reyes

Trustee/DC16 Delegate: Jason Anthony

Warden/DC16 Delegate: Samuel Krahnke

Member at Large: Martin Franco

DC16 Delegate: Shakir Villalobos

Thank you all for stepping up.


To our Members

February 13, 2024

VAC Events

The VAC Banquet is happening March 2nd this year at Casa Real at the Ruby Hills Winery. Invitations have been sent out. Make sure to RSVP to 925-245-1080. If you feel that you or your family member should have received an invitation and have not, please contact the hall so we can look into it. […]

February 13, 2024