Brother James Borchers

Posted March 23, 2024


Brothers and Sisters,

This month’s member of the month is James Borchers. James embodies the true spirit of dedication, compassion, and excellence that we hold dear within Local 159. This month all members who participated in at least 3 VAC events were invited to a banquet of great food and prizes, but James was selected as the member of the month for participating in more events than any other member.   

James’ journey into our union began not out of convenience, but out of necessity. He joined at a young age, driven by the need for insurance to support his growing family. Life’s twists and turns redirected his path away from the military and into the painter’s union. Little did he know this decision would shape his entire future and livelihood.

Throughout his career, James has been requested across the states. He has  answered the demand for his exceptional skills, from California to Alaska. His craftsmanship put him at the front installing high end finishes at Allegiant Stadium, The Sphere, Fountain Blue and many more,  garnering respect from contractors and peers alike.

Yet, what truly sets James apart is not just his professional prowess but his unwavering commitment to giving back. His involvement in Volunteer Activist Committee (VAC) events is truly why we are celebrating James this month. Whether he is coordinating the grand Easter Party, (Expand on the Easter party) or dedicating countless hours to crafting a first place St. Patrick’s Day float, or a fist place pinewood derby car,  James goes above and beyond to ensure the success of these events.

But James’ unselfishness extends far beyond the limelight.  He volunteers at events where he is the only member there, from assisting the homeless at gobble gobble give, to building food donation boxes for ULAN,  he shows his deep-rooted belief in community and solidarity.

James, though humble in nature, stands as a beacon of inspiration for us all. He has inspired the next generation by donating his time to mentoring young apprentices in the wallpaper class. His dedication to our union, coupled with his exceptional craftsmanship, exemplifies the values of High  Performance, High Value. It is through individuals like James that we are reminded of the profound impact one can have within our union and community. 

James, your contributions have not only enriched our union but have touched the lives of countless individuals. Thank you for your unwavering commitment, passion, and service. So, it is with great pride and gratitude that we recognize James Borchers as March’s Member of the Month.

Congratulations, James. You truly embody the spirit of Local 159.

Thank you,

Keith Markland