Are Unions good for the economy?

Posted February 29, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

Spring is right around the corner and after speaking to all the shops we are going to be very busy sooner than later. If you know someone who is looking to become a union member or looking to get into the trade, please have them call me at (916)407-8279. If you are currently not working, please call the office and get on the Out of Worklist (916)393-2742. 

I was driving around downtown Sacramento today and I was seeing all the remodels and new construction and wondered if unions/union workers are good for the economy. After some research on the web this is what I came up with.

Unions negotiate higher wages, benefits, and better working conditions for their members. When workers earn more, they have more purchasing power, which can stimulate consumer spending and contribute to economic growth. By bargaining for better wages and benefits, unions can help reduce income inequality by making sure that a fair share of profits goes to workers rather than just business owners or shareholders. Unions advocate for safer working conditions, reasonable hours, and job security. By doing so, they can enhance worker productivity and reduce turnover rates, which can benefit both workers and employers in the long run.

 During economic downturns, unions can help stabilize the economy by negotiating for job protection, such as layoffs prevention, wage freezes, or reduced work hours. This can help mitigate the negative impact of economic recessions on workers and their families. Unions support training programs and skill development initiatives for their members. This can lead to a more skilled and adaptable workforce, which can increase productivity and competitiveness in the global market. Unions often engage in political and social advocacy to support policies that benefit workers and the broader community, such as healthcare reform, minimum wage increases, and workplace safety regulations. These efforts can have positive effects on the economy by promoting social stability and inclusivity. As with any institution, the impact of unions on the economy can vary depending on factors such as industry, region, and prevailing economic conditions.


Randy Rojas

Business Representative