What is Solidarity??

Posted August 25, 2023

Solidarity is when we stand together, not only as Glaziers but as Union Construction workers. A perfect example of that was on a Picket that took place Friday August 25, 2023. 

We set up a picket in Berkeley that had Non-Union Glaziers working on the same Pre-Vailing wage project as our Union Brothers and Sisters. Once we were notified, we did some investigating and found this to be a perfect opportunity to show our strength. At 4:30 am We set up in front of the jobsite, Workers from all the Crafts Union and Non-Union honored our Picket line and did not cross. We shut the entire project down for the day to let the GC know we are not happy about their choices of Sub-contractors. We even had about 15 Union Carpenters come stand on the line with Us, this shows that no matter the issues we may have from time to time that we are all in this fight together and if we stand in Solidarity with each other there is nothing we can’t do!!


In Solidarity,

Bob Llewellyn

Business Representative

Glaziers Local 169


It is important!

Brothers and sisters, We would like to take this time to express how important voting is. Be sure you exercise your right to vote in local and state presidential elections. Remember that exercising your right to vote is important no matter whom you support. With that said, we stand in solidarity with our fellow glazier […]

July 12, 2024

Not Much

Brothers and Sisters, I don’t have a lot to report on, but here goes. On July 1st the Northern California Glaziers went on strike. Their first offer was $12.00 over 4 years and was voted down. The second offer that was voted down was $10.00 over 3 years. Yesterday July 11th, they turned down an […]

July 12, 2024