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We are Painters, Drywall Finishers, Glaziers, Floor Coverers and Specialty Craft Workers. We take pride in our crafts and our passion to build. From the infrastructure that moves our society, the offices, homes and institutions that shape our communities. We are the Professional Finishers of DC16 IUPAT.

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DC16 craft Master Agreements are referred to as Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA's).  These agreements are negotiated between the leadership of DC16, craft representatives (representing members/labor) and the craft Management Association(s) with their designated Signatory Contractors (representing management). Ultimately, the vote of each and every member decides whether a CBA is ratified, or whether the demands are not met and the membership decides to go on strike. Raises and allocations are determined once the CBA has been ratified. For example, a CBA is ratified with the following terms: $6.00 over three years ($2.00 per year increase), contract language could require benefits and or health and welfare increases. So, for a wage allocation, the craft would have an increase of $2.00 minus .25 Cents for benefits and .10 Cents for Health and Welfare; leaving a $1.65 to be allocated per the input of the members for the "wage allocation" vote. Typically, the E-Boards of each local with input from its membership will convene to discuss and develop the best options to present to the craft membership as a whole. The best options will be Motioned, Seconded and Carried to present as the option for your Local's "wage allocation" vote. Those two options will be Motioned, Seconded and Carried to present as the option for your Locals "wage allocation" vote.  All the members will then vote by secret ballot the option that best suits their needs and the needs of their family. *** Historically less than 15% of a local’s membership turns out to vote on their "wage allocation", thus leaving their voice and future determined by others.
Our International, District Council and all our Local Unions were built by workers that banded together to fight for many, if not all, of the benefits, wages and working conditions we enjoy today.  Our strength and solidarity is the bedrock and voice to which we exist and grow from this very day. Our relevance into the future not only depends on being the best and most highly trained workforce, but also the most active in organizing, political action, accesses and opportunity for all in our communities to build a career as a Professional Finisher.  Check out our “Get Involved” tab for all current Volunteer Activist Committee activities and also your Local's Union page for upcoming events in your Region. You can get involved at every level of your career and your desire to make a difference in your Union.  Attend your Local's Union meetings, participate in your Local's contract ratification votes, become active in the Volunteer Activist Committee, participate in all your Local's Unions sub-committees, contract and wage allocation votes, understand and exercise your voice, your vote at the ballot box to ensure labor friendly candidates and initiatives that set the laws and policy that affect and govern our livelihoods.
Over-the-counter dues are currently paid directly to your Local Union office via automatic payment, credit or debit payment, or check/cashiers check.  All members (Regular/Apprentice/Industrial) shall pay monthly over-the-counter dues (Regular Dues) equivalent to the total of all per capita taxes approved and paid for by the Local Union on behalf of each member rounded upwards to the nearest dollar.  Dues shall be payable on a quarterly basis. Centralized Dues: With the launch of the redesigned DC16 website, DC16 is going to be rolling out Centralized Dues.  Meaning, each Local Union will move their over-the-counter dues collection to DC16. This rollout will be done by Regions and all members will receive a mail notification on the “Centralized Dues” date for your Region. DC16 Centralized Dues for over-the-counter dues are to be paid online through the DC16 website at dc16iupat.org.  Please click the "Pay Member Dues" tab and login to your IUPAT member portal. Once in the member portal you can click the link for our on-line dues payment function and pay your dues.  You can easily set-up your account for reoccurring payments, or schedule payments for future quarterly dues payments. OR You can send check or cashier payments to: District Council 16 c/o: Centralized Dues, 2705 Constitution Drive, Livermore, CA 94551  

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