Posted May 5, 2023

Sisters and Brothers,

Michael Flooring, a nonunion Low Road Contractor to whom has been a Target of Organizer Frank Salinas for years has been disbarred from bidding and performing work on Public Works Projects beginning May 31st, 2023 for three years. The debarment also named the owner of the company as an individual so any shop that has his name listed on the license falls under the ruling. Michael Flooring for years has been involved with wage theft, nonpayment of travel and many other violations of California Labor Law. Frank opened many cases over the years with Work Preservation and the hard work of Organizing and Work Preservation finally paid off. 

Organizer Juan Rosales is hot and heavy into the third year of the Repaint Campaign. Under his direction the entire Organizing Staff of DC16 are closely monitoring School Repaints and opening cases on Low Road Painting contractors. This campaign has already affected the Low Road Contractors as their bid numbers are rising. One contractor although not from DC16 Jurisdiction became signatory to DC36 due to the efforts of this campaign. 

Painters and Floor Coverers, we have begun negotiations on the Nor Cal Painting and Floor Covering Master Agreements. If you have not already started showing up to the regular Union Meetings. We will be prepping for our Addendum Negotiations for both crafts. Look out for Unite Text Messaging regarding the Addendums.

Glaziers and Drywall Finishers we will soon be allocating your 2024 Increase. Please watch your mail and listen for Unite messaging regarding Date and Time.



Jeffery B Roberts



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