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Posted July 14, 2023

Members of Local 567,

We are looking to recruit “Local Union Coordinators” or LUC’s – individuals such as yourself who are committed to building up the strength of our unions in Nevada. This can be just a couple or handful of union members who recognize that unions have fought for the rights and privileges we have today. 

AFL-CIO will be hosting free workshops in October and February with modules that will equip LUCs with the training and resources needed to carry out political activities for their union. They have hired a training specialist who will be running these modules and we’ll be providing free lunch as well. For example, we’ll touch along the topics of:

Labor Organizing – The basics of how unions work, the structures of unions and the NV State AFL-CIO, and behind the scenes processes in a union.

Union Messaging – How to talk to friends and coworkers about the power of unions and how to accomplish change by working together.

Legislative Training – The ins and outs of the Nevada State Legislature, how bills become laws and the work required to testify and lobby on behalf of your union.

Elections Training – Teaching the importance of elections, their consequences, and fighting for candidates and policy ideas that will benefit union members. Eventually, we’d like to see union members in office at all levels of government.

If any members are interested in participating, please reach out to the Union Hall and contact Chris O’Flaherty your business representative. If we get a large number of interested members, we will start a political committee for localized politics (City and State)

New Wage Allocations  –

As of July 1st new Wage Schedules have been mailed out and given to contractors.

In Solidarity,

Chris O’Flaherty

LU567 Business Representative


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