The Future, and the Past

Posted July 31, 2023

The Painters had an allocation vote on July 24th. All 3 years were allocated.The results from the Painters Allocation vote are as follows. 2024 Option#2 1.55 Check,1.54 vacation, .35 H&W, .02 LMCI, .01 Work Preservation, .03 JATTF 2025 Option#2 1.43 Check, 1.44 Vacation, .35 H&W, .03 JATTF 2026 Option#2 1.43 Check, 1.44 Vacation, .35 H&W, .03 JATTF. The Raises will go into effect on January 1.

The Apprentice Graduation was held at Scotts Seafood in Oakland on July 22nd.  Congratulations to our new Painting and Finisher Journey workers. 

The IUPAT has a long history spanning back 136 years. As we look towards the future, we should also take time to remember the past.