Tell California Lawmakers What Gas Costs in Your Neighborhood

Posted March 25, 2022

Local 1621 Members,

As you know, the quickly escalating gas prices are hitting our members, who often have long commutes to work, very hard. Seven-dollar gasoline, which we are seeing in some parts of the state already, is a state crisis. Leaders in the Assembly and Senate are discussing consumer rebates while Republicans want to suspend the gas tax (as did the Governor initially). We have made it clear that the SBCTC is opposed to suspending the gas tax, as that would strip funding for the necessary highway and bridge construction and maintenance performed by our members.

For far too long, politicians in Sacramento have been removed from the hardships working Californians face. Inflation is at a forty-year high, and people are having to choose between groceries and getting to work.  We are urging the California legislature to work quickly with the Governor to provide relief to consumers impacted by rising prices before it’s too late.

To help us make this point, please consider broad circulation of the attached flyer, and encourage participation so lawmakers can see firsthand what our members and their families are dealing with. 

Thank you

Brett Davis
District Council 16 Business Representative
South Bay Regional Director
2149 Oakland Rd
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 824-1280


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