Painters Certifications

Posted January 16, 2024

Dear Members of Local 507 

Please remember to start taking the classes needed for the certifications you will need per your contract. Please read the language below. Also see the 2024 start class Schedule 

(a) Each Journeyperson and above (Commercial Painter) shall successfully complete and maintain the following: 19 1. By January 1, 2025 i. Fall Protection (USACE EM385), including Ladder Safety, and ii. Mobile Elevated Worker Platforms, and iii. Harassment Training or iv. Sixteen (16) hours employer recommended painter trade and/or safety education training, if the above-required training is complete and up to date. If none or only a portion of the above training is complete, the hours to complete the required training above would count towards the minimum sixteen (16) hours.

CLICK HERE to view STAR Program Class Schedule


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