Posted February 24, 2023


Brothers and Sisters,

As you already know or as you should know DC16 Staff’s main priority is to create more working opportunities for our membership. If you have been attending our regular Union meetings over the past couple of years you are aware of our Organizing Departments REPAINT CAMPAIGN spearheaded by Organizer Juan Rosales and assisted by Organizer Frank Salinas and the entire Organizing Staff from Northern California and the State of Nevada. Organizers go to the School Districts projects where Low Road Painting contractors such as Pacific Rim Painting were awarded projects at very suspicious low bids. In some cases the numbers just don’t work out once you figure in Prevailing wage, Material Costs, Company Overhead and Project Overhead. Organizers go to these projects and assert their rights to organize under Labor Law’s. Sometime the non-union employers on the projects go to every link possible to discourage Unionism on their projects. This occurred on a project last summer with Pacific Rim Painting and Organizer Juan Rosales. In turn we filed NLRB Charges on Pacific Rim Painting and the NLRB found Pacific Rim Painting in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. In doing so Pacific Rim Painting must write a letter of apology to Organizer Rosales for trying to interrupt his organizing activities by calling law enforcement on him, They also must notify all of their employees of their to join or assist a Union, Act Together with other employees for their benefit and Protections, Interfere with rights of DC16 Service Agents or Organizers engaging in lawful Union Activities. This was a great victory for our Organizing Department and our Union as a whole. Congratulations to all those who were working on the campaign last Summer we look forward for more positive results as the campaign continues into summer 2023. Show up the regular Union Meeting first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 if you want to hear more about it.


The Airport Expansion Project was just finalized and approved by the Fresno City Council and will Break Ground in March of 2023 with an anticipated completion date of 2025. This project is under a stand-alone PLA separate from the City Wide PLA. Non union employers may bid and be awarded the work but they will have to employ our members and pay into our Trust Funds for the project. Below are the finishing craft contractors that were awarded the project.

  1. AGA Glazing, Signatory
  2. RJ Flooring , Signatory
  3. Applied Finishes, Signatory
  4. Tarlton and Son Non-Union to DC16


Jeffery B Roberts

Regional Director




Hello Brothers and Sisters, It was amazing to see Local 767’s retirees at our Retirees Lunch this week. When you sit down withthese retired members the stories just start to flow out. I had the privilege to chat with my first BusinessRepresentative and Admin {Tom Cartwright and Mary Cake). In addition, I got to hang […]

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