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Posted May 11, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

            Those who didn’t come out to march with us on May Day missed out on the kickoff of 2021 Volunteer Activist Committee event for Local 718. It was great to be outside and among my brothers and sisters recognized and appreciate all those who have stood up for worker rights on this International Workers’ Day. Also, to rally support for the Pro Act, which is gaining momentum and will roll back organizing limitations put into law to break unions and limit worker ability to meet and collectively bargain for safe and fair working conditions. I look forward to more V.A.C. events as the restrictions on gathering lessen and we can be walking shoulder to shoulder again for a better living for all.

In other news we are in the final days of due diligence purchasing a new home for 718. It is our goal to be in this new facility before the end of 2021. At that time, we may be having in person meetings, that is the hope anyhow. The April meeting via zoom went well. The membership moved several motions that have been lingering from 2020 and needed action, including some new apparel, which has been ordered and will be arriving soon. The outlook on work I would describe as being plateaued. Many contractors are wrapping up projects and have some down time until the next project. The current unemployment rate at our local is approximately 5%. I would not say times are bad. I would say that the boom has ended. If you are not working at this time, make sure to call in the first working day of the month to keep your name on the list of available glaziers. I recommend getting out to meet with signatory contractors face to face at their place of business to introduce yourself.

It is with a heavy heart that announce the loss of brother Tomas Aldeguer and brother Marion Jenkins. Brother Tomas who was born December 21, 1925, initiated April 6, 1956 and passed away as member on February 16, 202. Brother Marion who was born March 16, 1928, initiated August 25, 1970 and passed away as a member October 3, 2020. Condolences to the families and friends of these brothers.

Work safe, stay safe and stay healthy! 


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