Posted February 3, 2021

Providing you the latest information on COVID-19 vaccine supply and distribution
With the recent announcement that California vaccine guidelines were expanded to include everyone age 65 and older, we’ve received many inquiries regarding eligibility and access to the COVID-19 vaccine. We want to provide an update with the latest information on vaccine supply and distribution.
Vaccine supply

Expanding California vaccine guidelines to include everyone age 65 and older increases eligibility by nearly 6 million people in the state. Unfortunately, the vaccine supply to distributors has not yet been increased to vaccinate that many people. Right now, vaccines are in extremely short supply for all vaccine distributors across the country, including Kaiser Permanente.

As a vaccine distributor, Kaiser Permanente is organized and prepared to distribute the vaccine as we receive supply. As of January 16, we have administered more than 170,000 vaccines in California. Each week, we receive a fraction of the vaccine required to meet our demand. Kaiser Permanente cares for more than 1.5 million members age 65 and older, and last week we received a vaccine supply of just 20,000 first doses. Our ability to expand and speed vaccine distribution depends on vaccine supply made available to our state. At the current rate, we’re looking at vaccine distribution that is much slower than any of us find acceptable. We’re doing all we can to get additional vaccine supply as soon as possible.
Vaccine distribution

Like many, consistent with state recommendations and due to the vaccine supply shortage, we’re currently continuing to vaccinate the following priority groups:
-Health care workers
-Long-term care patients
As supply becomes available, we’ll begin offering vaccine appointments to individuals age 75 and older in alignment with California Department of Public Health guidelines.

We’ll reach out to our members as vaccines and appointments become available for them. It’s not necessary to email, call us, or go online for appointments until we’ve contacted you first. Please note that primary care physicians can’t book appointments for vaccines.  

What to do now
If you’re a health care worker, please complete an e-visit.
If you’re age 75 or older, we’ll contact you directly as vaccine supply becomes available and we’ll provide you with instructions on how to make an appointment.
For all Kaiser Permanente members, stay up to date — for the latest information on when other groups may be able to get the vaccine, visit
The pace of vaccination is dependent on supply

We’re committed to getting COVID-19 vaccines to our members and communities as soon and as equitably as possible. We’ve added capacity so that as more supplies become available, we’ll be able to vaccinate many more members at additional locations.

We anticipate vaccine supply to ramp up over the coming weeks — but vaccine supply and eligibility may vary across counties and cities. We’ll keep you updated on vaccine eligibility and availability.

In the meantime, please continue to stay home, wear a mask, and protect yourself and your loved ones. Your health remains our top priority — today, tomorrow, and always.


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