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Posted January 16, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this article finds you and yours doing well and starting off the new year on a good note. I want to talk about meeting attendance, why do we have the same members attending every month, are they the only ones who care in what direction the local is headed in? What do we need to do to make you want to attend meetings? We offer food, refreshments and if you attend 3 meetings during 2024 you will receive a Buck knife with the local’s logo on it. I wanted you to know the benefits of attending a union meeting.

Union meetings serve as the heartbeat of organized labor, providing a platform for members to engage, collaborate, and collectively address workplace concerns. Attendance at these gatherings is not only a right but also a responsibility for union members. In this article, we will explore the significance of attending union meetings and the positive impact it can have on both individual members and the collective strength of the union. 

One of the primary benefits of attending union meetings is the access to valuable information. Members gain insights into the latest developments within the organization, updates on negotiations, and details about any potential changes to workplace policies. Being well-informed empowers individuals to make educated decisions and actively participate in shaping the future of their workforce.

Active participation in union meetings allows members to voice their opinions, contribute ideas, and actively engage in the decision-making processes of the union. It is an opportunity to vote on important matters, elect representatives, and shape the direction of collective bargaining efforts. By attending meetings, members directly influence the democratic functioning of the union, ensuring that their concerns are heard and addressed. 

Union meetings serve as a platform for members to collectively express their concerns and advocate for improvements in working conditions. By attending these gatherings, individuals contribute to the development of a unified voice that resonates with management and stakeholders. A collective and organized approach to addressing workplace issues increases the likelihood of successful negotiations and positive outcomes for all members.

Participation in union meetings is a direct expression of democratic principles. It allows members to shape the policies and direction of the union, creating a sense of ownership and accountability. In democratic unions, decisions are made collectively, ensuring that the diverse needs and perspectives of members are taken into account.

Attending union meetings is not just a duty, it is a powerful tool for individual empowerment and the collective strength of the union. Through active participation, members gain knowledge, build solidarity, and contribute to the democratic processes that define the essence of organized labor. In embracing the opportunity to attend union meetings, members pave the way for a stronger, more resilient, and united workforce.


Randy Rojas

Business Representative

DC16/LU 1237


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