Posted February 23, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

By now you have probably heard something in regards to Measure E which involves a 1 penny sales tax on every $4.00 spent in order to fund Construction and Education projects at Fresno State Univerisity. The measure has drawn By Partisan support and Bi Partisan opposition which on a personal level I find to be refreshing. 

If you don’t know already The Fresno Madera Tulare and Kings Building Trades and Central Labor Council along with the members of Local 294 have endorsed to support the measure because it will create numerous working hours for both Construction and Public workers. Also, studies have shown more than 80% of Fresno State Graduates stay in Fresno and work in their selected fields it’s a win win measure. Opponents claim that the monies should come from the State of California because Fresno State is a State Univerisity and while I do understand that stance, I completely disagree with it. Sure, Fresno State should be seeking Grant Money from the State and they do. But that money will never be enough to accomplish the needs of our Univerisity which feeds millions of tax dollars into City and County of Fresno. 

The citizens of Fresno County through hard work and the willingness to give back have always taken care of ourselves and have been ambitious to strive, achieve and maintain a HIGHER STANDARD. This measure is just another tool that will help us succeed.  VOTE YES ON MEASURE E!

Below is a list of endorsed candidates from LU294.

Endorsed Candidates: 

Jerry Dyer –   Mayor City of Fresno                                                                                                                   Jim Costa – Congress 21st district                                                                                                                     Rudy Salas – Congress 22nd district                                                                                                                 Andy Levine – Fresno Unified School Board District 5                                                                                   Michael Karbassi – Fresno City Council District 2                                                                                             Roger Bonakdar – Fresno City Council District 6                                                                                              Esmeralda Soria – Assembly District 27                                                                                                             Joe Soria – Tulare County Supervisor District 1                                                                                                Benny Corona – Tulare County Supervisor District 2                                                                                        Leticia Gonzalez – Madera County Supervisor District 4                                                                                   Adam Gray – Congress                                                                                                                                       Luis Chavez – Fresno County Supervisor  District 3                                                                                           Nathan Magsig – Fresno County Supervisor District 5                                                                                     Yes – on Measure E