Meet your new Business Rep!

Posted January 16, 2024

Hello Brothers and Sisters, my name is Gustavo Pimentel, I have been a member of the local Union 159 for many years, and I can proudly say I’m officially a 1512 Member! 

Here’s a little story about me: I’m a Drywall Finisher by trade, I still remember my first day, it was a residential job, no experience at all, they knew I didn’t know so they decided I should learn how to walk on stilts! What a great start huh? I don’t know how I survived those first days, but I had one goal and one only: To become a Union Member. After many years of learning and not being treated right I learned the trade, came to the Union, signed up, they called me to do the test, passed, become a Journeyman and start working the very next day! My life changed from one week to another. For the first time I was being treated nice, I had rights and felt the support from the Union. 

We know sometimes the job is stressful and things can go sideways but being a member has literally changed the way I live. I got two energetic kids, beautiful patient wife, we bought our first home during the pandemic and able to travel to many cities all because I felt confident enough that if I do my job right, treat everyone equal, pay my dues, I will always, somehow have a spot here. Even though I come from a different craft, I want to make myself clear that we share some of the issues that this local has, some of them are specific and that’s where I need your help: To let me know what your problems and concerns and I’ll are find a way to help you out. 

Para todos mis Hermanos latinos, no estan solos, somos una misma Union y es momento de hacer el cambio.

My phone number is: (702) 403-0700



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