Happy New Year 2023

Posted January 17, 2023

Dear Members of Local 1621,

Well the Glaziers Local 1621 Holiday party at the Hayes Mansion was a success. I hope everyone that attended enjoyed themselves.

2023 is starting off to be a little slower than anticipated. Royal Glass has had some layoffs and other projects that I thought would have started already have been delayed.

This is the perfect time if you are not working to go get your Training Cards up to date. I have been making phone calls and sending messages out to Journeymen who need the required Training to get dispatched. If you are missing any of your training cards please reach out to Brett Davis at the Local Union office 408-824-1280. Journeymen need to send their training cards to the Union Office to prove the required training is done before being dispatched. Congratulations to all the Apprentices that took and passed the AGMT Glaziers Certification classes.

As some of you may know, the Production Workers Agreement is up September 30th of this year. So be ready for that to possibly affect shop production later this year if anything goes south.

Member Spotlight

Congratulations to 67 Year Member James Hoogesteger. James made it out to the Glaziers Holiday Party to accept his plaque.


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