Attendance Required!

Posted agosto 1, 2022

Hermanos y Hermanas,

Our August membership meeting will be the last meeting we hold via zoom. Moving forward all meetings will resume in person as normal. Please make an effort to attend these meetings. Remember the meetings are every second Monday of the month.

We will be holding New Member Orientations beginning in August. All members that joined from 2020 until now will be required to attend the New Member Orientation. We have had a lot of new members since then, so we will have the orientation monthly to get everyone through it. We will be sending out mailers with the time and date you will be scheduled to attend. Please keep a look out for this important notice. There is some really good information at this orientation. You will also have a chance to ask any questions that you might have.

See you there.

William Gonzalez

Consejo de Distrito 16

Painters and Drywall Finishers Local 487



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septiembre 23, 2022

VAC's y el trabajo en la ciudad

Miembros de locales 12, 718 y 913 participaron en una limpieza de playas el fin de semana pasado en Pacifica con la Comisión Costera de Pacifica. Después de recoger la playa, tuvimos una barbacoa y disfrutamos de un día en la playa!

septiembre 22, 2022