National Apprenticeship Week 2023

Posted noviembre 14, 2023

Brother Joseph Witherspoon is a 3rd generation Glazier, both his grandfather and father had successful careers as Union Glaziers. When asked why is your apprenticeship important to you, he said “For me, it was the best opportunity to join anywhere in the workforce. It gave me skills I can use on passion projects and missions for my church. I like perfecting my techniques and getting better at everything I do.”

Brother Mykel Jaramillo followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Union as a Glazier. Mykel said “My whole life I saw my father work hard and take good care of our family which encouraged me to want to be a Glazier. I love the hands-on work. I enjoy seeing my finished results and I am proud to show others the work I have accomplished. The benefits and longevity of this trade make it a great career.”

Sister Andreea Hardy is an 80% Glazier Apprentice, in her spare time she goes the extra mile to learn as much as she can about the trade. When asked how has joining the Union changed you and your families lives, she said “Joining the Union has changed my life because I am able to provide for my children as a single mother. I provide great healthcare, dental and I can take me and my family on fun trips such as Disneyland. My advice to other women looking to join is to learn and absorb anything you can in your free time. Ask for help, ask a lot of questions, especially ask questions to those that have the knowledge and have been in the trade for years.”

Brother Carlos Rodriguez started his apprenticeship as a Painter and journeyed out in 2012. Later he went on to pursue other opportunities but came to rejoin the Union as an Apprentice Drywall Finisher. He stated “Becoming a Drywall Finisher is a steppingstone for me to expand my knowledge, skillset and to further my career. I enjoy the whole program and the hands-on work.”

Brother David Torrez is proud to be a Drywall Finisher, he said “What I enjoy most is being able to tell my kids ‘I created that!’ I help build hospitals, hotels, I am part of something bigger. Joining the Union has given me and my family a steady source of income and a feeling of pride in saying I am a Union member.”

Brother Daniel Soltero was introduced to the trade by a family member, he shares how his apprenticeship has bettered his life. “My uncle is a Drywall Finisher and introduced me to the trade. Being in the Union has given me a better life. It has helped me save money and I have great benefits. I am challenged to grow; learn new skills and I really enjoy staying active.”

Brother Uriel Palacios is currently a 75% Apprentice Drywall Finisher. He was introduced to the Union by his brother-in-law. He enjoys many of the benefits that come with being a Union member, he said “It has benefited me because I can provide great healthcare and dental for me and my family. The hours work well for me so I can spend time with my daughters. The pay has also helped me to save and I can afford to buy a home for me and my family.”

Sister Teresa has been a Drywall Apprentice for over 2 years. When asked what she enjoys most and what her apprenticeship means to her, she stated “I really enjoy the hands-on work. The healthcare and pay have benefited me and my family.”

Brother Robert Ramos is a 4th period Floor Coverer Apprentice. “I was introduced to the trade by my father. When I was a kid, I used to help him with flooring projects in our home. I like the satisfaction it gives me of seeing the completed projects and having pride in the work I have accomplished. It has been a way for me to provide for my own kids and I now have the skillset to be able to teach them about the trade. I have an appreciation for the construction industry as a whole, knowing everything we have comes from somewhere and comes from someone’s hard work.”

Brother Albert Garcia shares why he joined the Union. “I joined because I wanted a career that provided great pay, benefits and something hands-on. I am proud of what I accomplished at the end of a job. The skills I have learned in my apprenticeship and in my trade have given me the knowledge to be able to help my community. I enjoy the travel, new locations, challenging myself everyday with new work and new situations. I get to meet new people and I like that we are a brotherhood. We are more than coworkers, it’s like a family.”

Brother Juan Salciedo is an 80% Industrial Painter Apprentice. He explains why his apprenticeship is so important to him. “My cousin recommended I join the Union after being self-employed for 11 years. Being in the Union has a big benefit for me, healthcare, dental, holiday pay and retirement. It has also helped me learn a lot with all the hands-on experience and training during my apprenticeship.”

Brother Nikita Rahmgren is a 5th period Apprentice. He shares why his apprenticeship is important to him. “Joining has been a great opportunity for me and I am saving to purchase my first home. I would like to move up in my career and be more involved in my Union.”


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