Posted August 17, 2022

Brothers and Sisters,

I was just notified by the STAR program that another class was cancelled in Fresno do to lack of Interest. These classes are put together for you, the Local 294 member, so you may keep up on your certifications as required in your Constitution and Collective Bargaining Agreements. Instructors availability are very limited and there must be at least 5 members enrolled in the class or it gets cancelled. It never fails that someone calls me and says they need a class and I have to inform them that they should have signed up for the one that was recently cancelled. It is a DC16 Priority to provide opportunities for all members to be able to take classes in the areas that they live. However it is not a guarantee! The STAR program has always went above and beyond to provide classes in Fresno when our members need them even if they are not scheduled. But it puts me in a tough situation to ask for a scheduled class, when five or six members call and need a class that has already been offered and cancelled do to lack of Participation. I myself am required to take upgrade classes periodically throughout the year and typically have to travel to the Bay Area or even the IUPAT in Hanover Maryland to take classes. My point is if classes continue to be cancelled there will be a reduced opportunity for you to take the Classes in Fresno which means you will have to travel to San Leandro, Sacramento, Reno or Las Vegas on your dime to keep your certs up to date in order to work. I don’t want that to happen and I am pretty confident that you do not want that to happen either. So please sign up and show up to the classes that are made available to you. The next scheduled class is Boom Lift on September 24th, 2022. You must sign up at least two weeks prior to the scheduled class. If you need help signing up reach out to me and I will be happy to help you! Remember our biggest selling points to Employers is a Skilled Trained Workforce! And that is you!

Please check the VAC calendar for Volunteer Opportunities in September.


Jeffery B Roberts

Regional Director