This is a Good Sign!

Posted May 5, 2023

Greetings fellow Brothers and Sisters,

Great things are happening in the Sacramento Region for Glaziers, Journeyman and Apprentices. They are staying busy and production shops are running strong with lots of fabrication getting ready for the field. This is a great sign of a busy season. Our region has an immediate need for apprentices. If you or someone you know is looking to get into the trade as an apprentice, please share our contact information and have them reach out to myself of Puni. If you are not working, don’t forget to call our office to be placed on the Out-Of-Work List so we can help you get back to work.

The heat is starting to come back already and we all need to make sure we are keeping safe and healthy and taking in a lot of water, if breaks are needed please reach out to make sure you take some time to rest and get some shade. 

 Our VAC Coordinator has been busy scheduling a few great VAC events locally and we would love to see you there. Please check out our VAC Calendar on the website under “Get Involved” for dates, locations and times.  

This month we were able to have a shared Retiree luncheon with Local 487 and were greeted with many new faces. It was (as always) a good time to reconnect, share stories, share concerns, and bond with our members who we don’t get to see regularly. A big thank you to Steve Gutierrez for keeping us up to date with our retirees who, unfortunately, were not able to attend. If you missed the luncheon luckily there will be more so be on the look out for invitations in the mail. 

The STAR program and the JATC has done a good job scheduling classes for certifications, and thankfully it seems as though the rush to get those classes has slowed down. If you need to complete any certifications, please reach out to the school to get on the list and get the classes done. As always you can call me anytime 916-402-4203


John Tweedt
LU 767 / Regional Director