Years of Service

Posted December 2, 2022

Brothers and Sisters,

The holiday season is among us and I would like to say thank you for all your continued dedication and solidarity. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, work is picking back up, we’re getting back to a sense of normalcy and we are here to see another year. With that being said, I’d like to recognize our members for their loyalty and continuous membership. To those who have been here before me, Thank you for leading the way and to those who have joined after me, thank you for trusting me.

John Tweedt.

5 Years

Jaramie Brown

Dereck Buffington

Brian Cotton

David Fraire

Alan Garthwaite

Carl Gillmere

Michael Langsford

Antonio Langston

Sang Lui

Danill Markevich

Niko Murata

Ryan Ticknor

10 Years

Benjamin Castillo

Fernando Castillo

Michael Greenlee Jr.

Mark Kharatov

Jesse Lamantia

Jeff Reiman

Mario Sanchez

Frank Sandoval

Kevin Wilcox

15 Years

Alex Condruic

Ivan Condruic

Vitalie Condruic

Raymond Doyle

Christopher Duran

Abel Espinoza

Peter Kokoshko

Vasiliy Makhnovskiy

Yuriy Makhnovskiy

Ruben Perzhu

Vasyl Veremko

20 Years

Jorge Cortez

Ronald Gilbert

25 Years

Alejandro Beltran

Stephen Duffy

Alberto Franco

Chris Judd

Phillip Schmailing

30 Years

Daniel Cummins

Duane Cummins

Lowell Schlafmann

40 Years

James Shaw

45 Years

Robert Unwin

60 Years

Nick Pauls

Marshall Smith


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