Will You Be There?

Posted July 22, 2022

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

I hope this article finds you in good health and prosperity. I would like to go over the events that will be happening over the next couple of months.  The first event will be September 6th at 12:00 it will be the 767 Retirees luncheon at our Local Union Hall (this date may change). Retirees will be able to bring a +one to this event. We look forward to seeing all of you again!

The second event will be The STAR event on September 10th, please make sure your dues are paid and that you are on the eligibility list.

The final event will be the Sacramento SCT class that will be held at the Holiday Inn in Sacramento on Sept 17th, 2022. This class is mandatory for qualifications for the 2023 STAR event.

Notices will be sent out via email to any member who has joined since COVID hit us in January 2020 to attend a mandatory New Member Orientation. (This is not the same as the Apprenticeship Orientation).

Enjoy the rest of your summer, please be safe and take care.

I hope to see you at the next Union Meeting on August 9th at 5:00 pm at our Union Hall.

Safe Travels,

John Tweedt
Regional Director DC16 LU 767


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November 23, 2022