We’ve got a Ringor

Posted April 12, 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this article finds you and yours doing well.  Work has been a little slow, but several large jobs are starting to kickoff. I want to take this time to introduce the newest DC16 JATC Instructor, Tim Ringor from Local 1237. Brother Tim has been in the floor-covering industry for 31 years and in the union for 27 years. Brother Ringor has been married to his wife Misty for 20 years and is a loving father to Ashley, Callie, Joey, and Kyle. He is a grandfather to Brady, Kyle, and Marleau. In his free time, he likes to fish, golf, camp and spend time with his grandchildren. He is also part of a floor covering legacy, his brothers Robert and Tony have been long time members of Local 1237, and Tony’s son Anthony is currently a 3rd year apprentice.  Over the years they have had several other family members in the trade including brothers, sons, a stepbrother, and a cousin. Brother Ringor also served his country with the US Navy.

Over the years he has worked at BT Mancini’s, Simas Floors, Anderson, FCI, and Harold W. Thompson. Norm Humbert was the Business Agent and Steve Saucedo was the Apprenticeship Coordinator when he got into the union. Brother Ringor has been a member of the local’s Executive Board and is currently our President. I asked brother Ringor who helped him to become the journeyman installer that he is today, and he replied, “brother Ken Coughran, he basically took me under his wing for 2 years and took the time to show me all the techniques on how floors should be installed”.  When I asked him what he is bringing to his new position and what does he wants to accomplish with his time, he replied “I’m bringing 31 years of knowledge and experience. He wants to teach apprentices all aspects of the trade, so they won’t be a one-dimensional installer when they turn out”. I have known brother Ringor since we were apprentices at Simas Floors and have worked with him on many projects. We’ve also spent some time on the golf course, and I can say that he is a better installer than a golfer, but he’s not a bad golfer. I hope to see you all at the next union meeting on May 2, 2023.  As usual I can be reached at (916) 407-8279.