Welcome in the New Year!

Posted January 16, 2024

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you all are getting settled in and getting back to your normal or regular routine, I just want to remind everyone that we have been communicating through Text messaging or email Blast, this has helped us reach out to certain members or crafts that work for different Signatory Employers for meetings, for votes and for Wage allocations etc., We have also sent messages for our union meetings to encourage more member participation so you can stay informed on what’s happening in your union and it is a good opportunity to network with other members. We have and will continue to send communications to certain members who are coming up suspended by email or text to let them know they need to pay their due before they get suspended or dropped, this has worked very well and we ask that if you get a text or email please do not opt-out because going forward this will be the way we will be communicating and reaching out to all our members!

Please feel free to contact me at richard@dc16.us  if you have any questions!

In ending I wish all of you and your family’s a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Rich Morales
LU 1176 Business Rep