Walter Cantrell Scholarship

Posted July 28, 2023

Members of Local 567,

District Council 16 is now accepting applications for the Walter Cantrell Scholarship to the dependents of any District Council 16 member in good standing. The Scholarship is valued at $2,000 and can be used to purchase units for classes, books, supplies, etc.

THIS YEAR’S ESSAY TOPIC IS: “Companies like Starbucks and Amazon have recently had some of their locations become Unionized by the people who work at them. Why is it that the billionaires who own these corporations are doing everything they can to stop their employees from having a Union represent them? Also, being that you are someone who has grown up in a Union household and may have experienced the benefits of that, how does it make you feel that wealthy business owners want to silence their employees voices, just to maximize their profits off the back of their worker?”

So, if you have a Son or Daughter or know of any of your coworkers who have children going into college. Please encourage them to apply!

In Solidarity,

Chris O’Flaherty

LU567 Business Representative