VAC Opportunities

Posted February 24, 2023

VAC (Volunteer Activist Committee) opportunities

April 15th is the scheduled day for this year’s VAC Banquet at Casa Real. Those who qualified to attend did so by volunteering in 3 or more VAC events last year. You should receive an invitation by Friday March 3rd and your RSVP needs to be received by march 24th to be included in the event. Only the people that qualify are allowed to attend, no guests are allowed.

There will be many opportunities this year for everyone to volunteer and qualify for next years event.

The attached event is coming soon in San Francisco on March 11th for just attending and walking in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade you will get credit for an event.

We will also have an event for the Caesar Chavez day parade that will be posted soon.

Keep checking the V.A.C. Calendar for events in your area under the “get involved” tab.