Update on Covid 19 Testing Resources in Santa Clara County

Posted January 29, 2022

Glaziers Local 1621,

Good news! Additional COVID-19 testing resources are becoming available to Santa Clara County. We know that many people and communities have experienced grave challenges in accessing testing, and we hear those concerns. We wanted to share with you right away this update that may be of interest to your communities, members, staff, and partners.

  1. Every household can order from the federal government 4 rapid antigen COVID-19 tests. These ship free. Orders can be made online at covidtests.gov or 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489).
  1. The County has obtained for healthcare providers serving highly impacted communities, including Community Health Partnership community health centers and skilled nursing facilities, additional rapid tests, some of which are the type of test that must administered by a healthcare provider. The state of California has sent to the County tests for skilled nursing facilities to test family visitor before welcoming them to the facility for visits, and these are available to eligible healthcare facilities and organizations through the County’s usual 213RR request process for all emergency resources. The County accepted a generous offer of antigen tests from Stanford health care. These tests were given to Community Health Partnership to support our local community health center workforce and the vulnerable communities they serve.
  1. The County has begun to purchase additional at-home tests for distribution, with a goal of purchasing more than half a million of these.
    • The majority of the tests are expected to be distributed to the public through drive-thru distribution points starting Saturday, January 22. The locations, dates, and times of these distribution points will be posted on our website later today, and announced to the news media.
    • Additionally, the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits has kindly agreed to distribute tests to nonprofit and community organizations for their further distribution.
    • Continuing to put racial and health equity at the center of COVID-19 response, the Public Health Department will coordinate distribution of additional tests to community promotors, as well as some community organizations serving highly impacted populations or highly impacted areas. Public Health Department will also distribute to homeless shelters and jails, some of the residential congregate settings at highest risk of disease spread. Finally, some tests are designated for County operations.
  1. Testing locations can be searched online. Testing appointments for County-operated testing sites are added each day at sccFreeTest.org. Appointments at many County-operated sites are available within a day or two.
  1. People with health insurance should also contact their primary care provider when they need a COVID test. If your communities experience challenges in accessing testing through healthcare systems, please encourage reporting to sccCOVIDConcerns.org for County follow-up. Healthcare facilities in Santa Clara County are required to provide testing to people with symptoms, people who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, and other groups,

In situations in which testing availability is constrained, please find flyers with recommendations for the general public about testing in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Tagalog.

Thank you

Brett Davis


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