Upcoming New Laws and Project Labor Agreements in the Area

Posted December 23, 2021

Local 1621 Members,

As work hopefully picks up in 2022. We have many PLA agreements to be excited about. These sort of successes are not easy to come by. They are the result of long days, nights, and hard work. As well as Relationships with elected officials from School Board Members to City Council Members. We have been able to educate them on the concerns of the workers that are critical to getting these deals done. Additionally, hearing from the local members at the meetings of who lives in the elected officials districts is key for the elected officials and I appreciate all of the assistance of the many rank-and-file members/E-board who have attended public meetings to support this effort.

First off we have now landed all four community college districts in our two counties under PLAs. This is a huge victory for the working class. The last PLA landed was for Gavilan Joint Community College District. This is our first PLA with this District, and covers three projects totaling about $100 Million. If all goes well, the District will include additional Project.

In September we achieved another PLA success for an additional $898 Million in Bond-funded school Construction. As you all know Google is going to have a Large presence in Downtown San Jose and we have signed the Java Project and Mass Timber Project to PLA agreements. This will bring many working hours to the DC16 Membership.

Lastly we signed in August with the Santa Clara Valley Water District to cover their $7 Billion Capital Improvement Project and also the $12 Billion Valley Transportation Authority projects. These achievements, added with the recently executed PLA for the 10th largest city in the United States, San Jose, are prime examples of the work we do. In fact, in the last 3 years we have signed new PLA‘s for over $25 BILLION in new work. This work will keep members employed for years to come so continue to vote for labor friendly candidates on your City Council and Local School Boards.


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