Upcoming Jobs and Training Card Requirements 

Posted August 15, 2022

Local 1621 Members,

I have received word that Bagatelos Glass will be looking for manpower in quarter of 2022 (most likely the month of November). The are 3 major project, starting in the same quarter, in 3 separate areas. Below is a list, and brief description,  location, and manpower count for each project.

  • Berkeley commons, Berkeley Cal. We have 2-3 story building starting at the same time. I guestimate this project to require 25 to 30 people. We have material scopes of unitized curtain wall, handset Terracotta, metal panel, sunshades, and vertical “chubs”.
  • Stanford LBRE, located in Stanford, is a 3-story building. We have unitized curtain wall, metal panel, parapet caps and Morin panel. I look for this project to roll between 12-16 people.
  • Aggie Squire, Sacramento. This project is (2) building, once again, rolling at the same time( one 6 story and one 8 story). The scope ranges between unitized curtain wall, mechanical screens, and curtain wall chubs. This project will range between 20-24 people.

That means they will be looking for as many as 40 people. This is good news but they are also going to be looking to hire Journeyman that have the Training Cards in the CBA for Journeyman. Those Training Cards are below. So if you do not have them, reach out to the STAR program to get them. If you are out of work the school will train you during the week to get the required training. Call the school at 510-782-7827 You can also get the required training on the weekends through STAR and if those classes are full online you are able to walk into a class as long as it is not full and you have the proper safety gear and dues card with you showing star you are current. https://www.dc16star.org/courses/

Article 28

Section E

2. Each Journeyman Glazier shall successfully complete and maintain safety training and possess a valid training card for the following: a) First Aid/CPR b) Fork Lift Operator/Class 7 Telehandler c) OSHA-10 or OSHA-30 d) Scaffolding e) All Aerial Man Lifts f) Swing Stage g) Fall Protection (USACE EM385)

3. By January 1, 2023, and thereafter, all Journeyman Glaziers shall have the above required training and will provide proof of training. The Union shall not dispatch without proof of training.

Brett Davis

District Council 16 Business Representative

South Bay Regional Director