Trends Influencing Construction in 2021

Posted January 20, 2021

Court Closures, payment disputes and small business bankruptcies are factors that will influence commercial construction in 2021 according to experts. COVID-19 safety measures on site such as distancing, staggering of shifts and providing proper PPE are likely to impact projects costs and schedules but these measures are critical to protect construction workers on site. Ignoring the safety measures can result in fines, shutdowns and even litigation. More payments disputes and bankruptcies as a result of the pandemic will be affected by supply chain delays, pricing increases on materials and project funding short falls and will no doubt lead to claim and payments disputes. Many small businesses in construction have had to declare bankruptcy during the pandemic, complicating payments and project completions for many owners and contractors whose work has been disrupted. In facing an airborne virus, the importance of ventilation air systems effectiveness in reducing the transmission rates of infections is going to be a priority. Green building which often focuses on indoor air quality as it relates to building occupants is a natural fit for reducing potential ways of transmission. Modular building has been incorporated by more contractors as modular construction techniques and assemblies on projects will increase due to improved efficiency, quality control and reduced construction safety risk and in the age of COVID it allows better control over workforce virus exposure due to social distancing and related transmission risk.

We at DC16 have had 5 years of healthy hours in construction but 2021 I think will be the year of a drop off on hours due to the economy and COVID factors.


No-Cost $4,000 AD&D Benefit

Dear IUPAT Members, All members in good standing or a retiree of District Council 16, you are entitled to a no-cost $4,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit! This AD&D benefit and other items listed below are provided jointly through IUPAT DC16 and American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL), a 100% unioncompany serving working families just […]

January 27, 2023

Closure-Desert Springs Hospital

ATTENTION MEMBERS, The Valley Health System, which is a member of the Nevada Health Coalition, recently provided the important information below. This network of healthcare facilities provides large discounts to the Employee Painters’ Trust members. Desert Springs Hospital, one of the hospitals contained within The Valley Health System, will be closing its doors on or […]

January 27, 2023