Transbay Transit Center

Posted November 6, 2023

The San Francisco Transbay Transit Center was completed in late 2018 and put 100’s of our members from all crafts to work throughout the duration of the project, but did you know it goes down over Fifty feet below the street level?!?



The photo above shows the unfinished concourse level with an artist’s rendition of what the two sub levels will look like when they are complete. This will be phase 2 of the Transbay Transit center with restaurants and retail on the concourse level, and the Highspeed Rail Line along with Cal Train on the bottom level. Once completed, a train ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles will take just over 3 hours.


This map shows locations across the Country that transit centers are creating union jobs across all building trades crafts. Eventually connecting highspeed rail across the United States.


United States Secretary of Labor, Julie Su, Toured the Sub levels of the Transit Center with the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council on November first, followed by a press conference on the future high speed rail subway station.