The Pride July-December 2019

Posted August 4, 2020

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Chris Christophersen
– 2019 Recap
– DC16 & Local Union Bylaws
– 2020 Contract Negotiations
Veteran Spotlights
– Dave Bradfield, Floor Coverer, LU12
– Nick Meade, Industrial Painter, LU487
– Robert Barrickman, Glazier, LU169
– Kent Johnston, Glazier, LU2001
Council News
– STAR Awards Event No. CA & NV
– Apprentice Graduation
– PATCH Northern CA & NV
– IUPAT 32nd General Convention
Job Profiles
– Mira – San Francisco, CA
– Dropbox – San Francisco, CA
– Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas, NV
– Caesars Forum Conference Center – Las Vegas, NV
Local Union Reports
– 2020 Work Outlook
– Worker Certification
– Contract Negotiations
– 2020 Get Out The VOTE


It is important!

Brothers and sisters, We would like to take this time to express how important voting is. Be sure you exercise your right to vote in local and state presidential elections. Remember that exercising your right to vote is important no matter whom you support. With that said, we stand in solidarity with our fellow glazier […]

July 12, 2024

Not Much

Brothers and Sisters, I don’t have a lot to report on, but here goes. On July 1st the Northern California Glaziers went on strike. Their first offer was $12.00 over 4 years and was voted down. The second offer that was voted down was $10.00 over 3 years. Yesterday July 11th, they turned down an […]

July 12, 2024