Posted August 12, 2022

Hello Glaziers,

I hope you are doing well. We wanted to remind everyone who has qualified for this year’s STAR event, which is being held on Saturday September 10th. Your dues need to be paid current to attend. This year we are going back to the Alameda Fair Grounds in Pleasanton.  I hope to see you all there!

Remember in order to qualify for next year’s event you must take the new qualifier SCT which the schedule can be found on

Stay Safe out there!


Bob Llewellyn

Business Representative.


Celebrating Memorial Day!

Sisters and Brother, Memorial Day is around the corner and were talking Parades and barbecue, right? But do we know why we celebrate it? Memorial Day honors all those who have died while serving in U.S. military around the country and around the world many people celebrate by attending parades, barbecues and ceremonies usually held […]

May 22, 2023

Meet The Kaiser Rep!

May 19, 2023