San Jose City council Appointment Process

Posted December 2, 2022

Glaziers Local 1621 Members,

The November general election created two vacancies on the San Jose city council. We need your voice advocating for an appointment process at this Monday’s 5pm council meeting. The city council can appoint someone to fill the seats until the next election cycle. This ensures that residents in District 10 and District 8 have continuity of representation, and that the new council can get to work on pressing priorities such as homelessness, public safety, and filling almost 1000 city vacancies. 

Instead of using common sense and fiscal responsibility, Mahan and his wealthy corporate supporters want to waste millions of dollars on a low-turnout, special election where voters are not representative of San Jose’s diverse communities. A strong coalition of current city council members, including David Cohen, Sergio Jimenez, and Sylvia Arenas, are advocating for an appointment process and they need our support. 

Voters passed Measure B this June because San Jose residents overwhelmingly believe that democracy is best served when more people vote, not fewer. Mahan’s voter suppression efforts will allow the few to make decisions for the many and give extra power to corporate special interests. 

In the face of a possible recession and the introduction of austerity budgeting, tax dollars should be invested back into communities to keep parks clean, expand library and community center hours, and ensure public safety is a priority. With hundreds of current vacancies at city hall, resources must be invested into employees and programs, not expensive off- cycle special elections that will ensure low voter participation and diminish the voices of most residents.

Let’s get to work. Tell Council to approve a thorough and transparent process to fill the vacancies for the duration of the term and to focus city time and resources on what’s important, good jobs, safe communities, clean streets, and neighborhood investments.

Speakers Needed – Monday, December 5th

Time: 5:00pm

Location: Hybrid

Speak in person at San Jose City Hall (200 East Santa Clara Street) or via Zoom.

Zoom Link:

How you can help:

1) Call and email members of the San Jose City Council this week asking for an appointment process for the completion of the terms.

2) Speak at the December 5th special meeting.

3) Organize another co-worker or union ally to call and email the city council so our voices are heard.


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