Posted June 4, 2024

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

It was amazing to see Local 767’s retirees at our Retirees Lunch this week. When you sit down with
these retired members the stories just start to flow out. I had the privilege to chat with my first Business
Representative and Admin {Tom Cartwright and Mary Cake). In addition, I got to hang out with Vince
Butts, Terry Johnson and Ed Garrison. I really felt blessed to have this chance to hear the stories and be
part of a few. The sad moment is when they start to talk about those that are not with us anymore.
What I have learned is time goes by in a blink of an eye. I feel that people are put in our lives for a
reason. We are going to have good times and bad times but, in the end, we are all Glaziers and Industrial
Glass Workers. We are so busy sometimes we don’t slow down to see what we have accomplished. I will
end with this “Life is a Journey to Live not a Mystery to solve”.


Rebate Check!

June 14, 2024

VAC Golden Ticket Event

VAC Golden Ticket Event A good time was had by all who attended the VAC Golden Ticket event on June 8th.  Local 83 members and their families came together to help the city of Santa Rosa rehabilitate the dog park at Doyle Park.  We rolled our sleeves up and dug deep to get the job […]

June 14, 2024