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Posted October 20, 2023

The STAR BBQ happened in the beginning of September. We had our largest event yet. To qualify for next year’s event, take the SCT Intro to DC16 Class. Below is a photo from the last SCT class & Photos from the BBQ.


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A huge project that has been in the planning stages for almost a decade was recently approved and will be done under a project labor agreement. PLA’s ensure that work being done goes 100% Union and helps the jobs run smooth. The Potrero Power Station PLA has broken ground on the first of many buildings. This project is going to breath new life into the unused area in between the Dog Patch & Bayview neighborhood. Over 2700 new affordable housing units along with a hotel and retail space will be available in the completion of this monumental project. Local 913’s Business Representative recently attended the Ground-Breaking Ceremony along with Representatives from the San Francisco Building & Constructions Trades Council. Mayor London Breed, District Supervisor Shamon Walton, and many other Local politicians were also in attendance. This project will provide long term jobs for our contractors and members, with an emphasis on Local Hires. 

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Local 913 Participates in a number of charitable events throughout the year including the March of Dimes Shoot for a Cure Charity Clay Shoot Event. All of our members have the opportunity to participate in the events we go to, but priority is given to the members that are present at the meeting where the event is mentioned, voted on, and passed to attend. For opportunities to attend this event and other events throughout the year, come to the Local Meeting which is held every first (1st) Wednesday of the month at the Local Union Hall 1939 Market Street in San Francisco.

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Jobsite Spotlight!!

Check the amazing work being done by Local 567’s highly skilled and highly trained professionals in the floor covering trade. This project is at the National Automobile Museum located in the downtown area of Reno, NV. Precise layout and expert craftsmanship on display, if you get a chance to visit with your family be sure […]

May 18, 2024

Changes in your Pension & Annuity

Brothers and Sisters,  I hope this message finds you all doing well. By now everyone should have received a communication from the Bay Area painters and tapers pension and annuity trust fund regarding changes to the plan. What does this mean for you? One of the changes that the pension plan trustees approved was for […]

May 18, 2024