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Posted January 16, 2024

Happy New Year,

Attention Painters, you got a wage increase effective January 1, 2024. The increase was $3.00 of which $2.62 was allocated to the Taxable Net Wage, $.35 was allocated to Health and Welfare, $.02 to LMCI and $.01 to Work  Preservation. There was also $.14 added to the total package, $.10 to the PDCA, $.03 to LMCI and $.01 to Work Preservation, these added amounts were covered by the employer and were not taken from the $3.00 increase.

Also for Painters, don’t forget that you need to start getting your certifications now to be able to be dispatched in January of 2025. See language from the Northern California Painters Master Agreement below. If you have questions please contact the Union Hall.

 Section 15. SAFETY TRAINING – Each Journeyperson and above (Painter) shall obtain and maintain

the certifications and training outlined in subsections a and b below. Once the required training is

complete and up-to-date, Journeypersons and above shall then annually complete a minimum of sixteen

(16) hours of painter-trade and/or safety education training courses that are recommended by their

Employer. The curriculum for such continuing education shall be established and provided by the

Finishing Trades Institute of Northern California and Nevada (“FTI”) and made available through the

STAR Program. They shall possess a valid and updated training card and provide documented proof of

training to their Employer and the FTI. The Union shall not dispatch any Journeyperson without proof of


(a) Each Journeyperson and above (Commercial Painter) shall successfully complete and maintain the



1. By January 1, 2025

i. Fall Protection (USACE EM385), including Ladder Safety, and

ii. Mobile Elevated Worker Platforms, and

iii. Harassment Training


iv. Sixteen (16) hours employer recommended painter trade and/or safety education

training, if the above-required training is complete and up to date. If none or only a

portion of the above training is complete, the hours to complete the required

training above would count towards the minimum sixteen (16) hours
Here is the link to the DC 16 STAR website:


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June 14, 2024

VAC Golden Ticket Event

VAC Golden Ticket Event A good time was had by all who attended the VAC Golden Ticket event on June 8th.  Local 83 members and their families came together to help the city of Santa Rosa rehabilitate the dog park at Doyle Park.  We rolled our sleeves up and dug deep to get the job […]

June 14, 2024