Members in Action!

Posted July 29, 2022

Picket Action:

Organizers Representatives and Members participated in a very effective Picket Action against non-union paint company, Canterbury Painting. This company was paying under area standard wages to their employees on a project where almost all other crafts were signatory. NO ONE crossed the picket line and we effectively shut the project down. After conversations between our organizers, we got written confirmation that Canterbury was to be removed from the project and the remainder of the work was to be put out to bid to UNION CONTRACTORS ONLY. (see photo below)

San Francisco Building & Construction Trades 125th Anniversary Celebration:

NABTU President Sean McGarvey & Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, spoke at the San Francisco Building & Construction Trades 125th Anniversary Celebration. Members of Painters & Drywall Finishers Local 913 and Glaziers 718 attended the festivities. (See photos below)

President Sean McGarvey (left) & Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (right)
Local 913 Painter Lajeana Thompson and her son With Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Local 913 Drywall Finisher Ayesha Benson-Calloway and Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Drywall Finishers Nathan Seastrunk, Ayesha Benson-Calloway, 913 Representative Joe Sanders, and Painter Lajeana Thompson. The cranes in the background are Mission Rock Project. A series of buildings that all of DC16s crafts are working on.
San Francisco Building & Construction Trades Council Business Manager Rudy Gonzalez delivers a speech to the crowd


End of year fast approaching

Brothers & Sisters of Local 83, Friday November 11th was the Petaluma Veterans Day Parade. What an incredible turn-out we had! A BIG THANK YOU to those of you from visiting locals that came out to join us in honoring the Veterans that sacrificed so much for us all. The end of the year is […]

November 23, 2022

Assembly District Delegate Elections

1621 members, As discussed at the recent Building Trades meetings, Assembly District Delegate elections will be held in just a couple of months. As usual, we are working on placing Building Trades folks as ADEM Delegates in every Assembly District in our jurisdiction, where possible. We are specifically seeking Building Trades people in Milpitas, Berryessa […]

November 23, 2022