Member Spotlight

Posted March 22, 2024

Brothers and Sisters,

This week we would like to spotlight Local 3 Painter Apprentice Jillian Gonzales.

Jillian was referred to Hayward Adult School’s Raising Leaders program in March of 2021 by her Probation Officer. During Raising Leaders, she was focused and knew what she wanted to accomplish. Jillian was dismissed from Juvenile Probation, graduated high school and continued to participate in Raising Leaders. Jillian is the first Raising Leaders participant to join the IUPAT and currently is working for George E. Masker.

“Being a woman in a trade is a clear example that nothing is impossible. I came into the trades with no experience, no knowledge, nothing. The only thing I did have was my dedication, and it dragged me right where I needed to be. I was living paycheck to paycheck, going back and forth for $1 raises, jumping from job to job with weak benefits. In April it will be a year since I joined Local 3. I still get butterflies at every new job site I’m at. No other job will recognize your hard work and reward you for it quicker than the union”. – Jillian Gonzales

For more information about the Raising Leaders program, follow the link:


LU 507 Update!

April 08, 2024

The Results are in

Brothers and sisters, I hope this article finds you and yours getting ready for spring and some warmer weather. On April 2, 2024, the members of Local 1237 in attendance nominated brothers Tim Ringor, Randy Rojas, and Edward Valencia to the IUPAT General Convention. Per the IUPAT Constitution our local per capita allows local 1237 […]

April 05, 2024