Member Anthony Davis

Posted February 23, 2024

Brothers and sisters,

I am proud to share a little bit about our second Member of the Month, Anthony Davis. Anthony is an example of dedication, growth, and unwavering pride in his craft.

Anthony found the Union while incarcerated through a program called MC3. His journey leads him from earning a meager $16 a month during incarceration to last year’s impressive $115,000—speaks volumes. Life dealt him a challenging hand, but he reshuffled the deck and at 30, he entered the apprenticeship, defying odds, and circumstances. Anthony’s story reminds us that it’s never too late to chase dreams, to learn, and to grow.

Shortly after graduating the Local 159 apprenticeship Anthony was made a foreman. As a foreman, Anthony offers opportunities to everyone he meets. He does not merely see workers; he seeks out the potential within them—he finds their hidden strengths and assigns them to tasks where they can shine. His discerning eye identifies potential, and he nurtures it.

Anthony has tremendous Pride in being a Painter in Local 159. Pride—a simple word yet carries such a powerful meaning. Some may treat their union membership as a mere steppingstone, a temporary gig. But not Anthony. For him, this is not just a job; it’s a career—a lifelong commitment to being a finishing trades craftsman.

I asked Anthony what he likes to do when he’s not working and just like the member of the month last month, he said he likes to work. Yes, you heard that right. His passion spills beyond the work hours, he fills every moment with purpose. It’s this relentless pursuit of improvement that sets him apart. Anthoy has participated in many VAC events and looks for opportunities to give back to his community.
But Anthony’s passion for excellence extends beyond the job site. He’s a father—a role that demands its own set of skills. From raising two daughters and a son, he draws inspiration and patience. Parenthood, like painting, requires commitment, love, and understanding.

At the heart of it all: Anthony’s pride in being a Union painter. With each hour of work, he leaves a mark—a testament to the High-Performance High Value, spirit that is the foundation of our union.
Anthony Davis turned adversity into opportunity, he learned from the apprenticeship, he improved though mentors in the field, and he showed his hard work and dedication to his employer, He now stands tall, a beacon and an example for us all.


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