Local 3 Proud Announcements

Posted May 25, 2021

Brother George Throckmorton, LU3 member since 1/2013 has been hired as the new Paper Hanger Apprenticeship Instructor. Congratulations!

“My name is George Throckmorton, I’ve been proud local 3 member since January 2013.  I started my journey with Romano’s and Monticelli splitting my time between commercial painting and wallcovering. When I started with Jerry Thompson and sons I became a dedicated paperhanger. I learned every aspect of the wallcovering trade from rolled goods to forbo, under the supervision of Mike Wooldridge and Darin Williams. I am excited to have the opportunity now to bestow the wisdom and skill set I’ve accrued on the next generation of apprentices rising through the ranks.  I hope to create a program here that will give all the skills and confidence needed to become an outstanding, professional, union paperhanger.”

Brother Jason Anthony (JP), LU3 member since 1/2008 has been hired as one of the new District Council 16 Organizers. Congratulations!

“I’m Jason Anthony better known as JP. I Graduated from Cypress Mandela pre apprenticeship program in Oakland and began my journey as a drywall finisher working for PCI. During the 10 years I’ve spent in the field I’ve worked on projects such as Highland Hospital in Oakland, Samsung in San Jose, The Apple Campus in Cupertino and UC Berkeley Lower Sproul Plaza respectively. I’ve also been a proud active member of Local 3 in San Leandro where I Formerly held the position of VAC coordinator, warden and Vice President while being involved in countless VACs and campaigns.”

VAC’s are back! Check the website for the most updated and current events near you!!!



Brothers and Sisters, We currently have 24 Painters and 23 Tapers on the Out-of-Work List. Local 3 has had 12 Painters and 12 Tapers dispatched so far in the month of February. If you are out of work, please contact the local and place yourself on the Out-of-Work List. Northern California Painters: Per the Northern […]

February 23, 2024

Recovery Committee!

The Southern Nevada Building Trades Union has started a Recovery Committee. This committee is tasked with developing resources and educating members and contractors on the resources the Union has for Mental health and substance abuse. If you are interested in being on this committee please contact Daniel Lincoln 702-939-0594.

February 23, 2024